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July 27, 2011
Today's a perfect day for an author to write- to extend her hands like wings to fly.
To use her pencil like a mouth
To make sure none of my suspicious sprout
The writer is my friend but what is she thinking about me?
As the writer unfolds what she is working on she looks over me for thought
Does the writer hate me or not?
Why is she smiling when I squash her story and cross the T's?
Why is she smiling when I have her rewrite what I did not like?
How is it she is smiling when I tell her a lie, that what she wrote was"great" ?
Her voice was just the same as others but with a different name.
She wrote a book the style of someone else and it was just okay
When the critics can they spit at her work and any other word she tried to say
they are the reason that my hopes of being a writer are close to being dead
MY hopes are dangling to life in the hospital and are just wishing to be embraced
When all of the critics retired to their noble castles, the writer was to tired to lift her head
Her work was quickly shuffled into old, gloomy rooms
I wondered if she would ever speak to me
The writer struggled to look at me,
she smiled, and said," I will just have to try again"
She struggled with an idea of a while but found one where she least expected it
Perfect days in nature served as her office and the wind was her only foe
It was months before she began to lasso thoughts neatly on pages
I sat back and watched with my criticism but I let her find her own way
Her voice was just as beautiful as any others but some how more captivating
To this day her book will not sit on dusty old shelves in the back of a room
She did not sacrifice all her time to write it but only had to put off some tempting pleasures
I honored the writer and gave her some praise because she reminded my hopes to get out the bed I pushed them in
My hopes are not abandoned and they are recovering from previous criticism
If anyone asks I am officially a writer because I have to write at school,at home, and all around
I started my career when I sang my ABC's and I enhanced it when I read

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