July 27, 2011
Do you ever regret your choices?
How silly is that question?
Naturally, everyone regrets
But do you ever feel gratitude towards
A decision?
How crappy would
Your life be right now,
Had you not done something
That lead to complete
And utter happiness?
My decisions the
Past few months
Have been unexpected.
So where would I be,
Had I not made
These certain decisions?
Does everything really
Happen for a reason?
Or does it just
Happen because of
The choices leading
Up to the event?
Will everything turn
Out okay?
Or will tomorrow
Be my worst
One that I can’t
Wake up from;
A cruel reality.
What would be different,
Had I stopped for
One moment,
One moment, just to
Think how much
Things could change.
How my decisions would
Not only impact me,
But some of the people
That I love.
One moment.
What would be different?

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