Can't Stand

July 27, 2011
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So many words, that if I could,
I would say.
But no amount of words would ever take the pain away.
You must have thought of me as weak! A fool to string along,
You strung me along, with all those perfect words,
I’d come to call my beautiful love song.
You know that I could think back to all the times we’ve shared:
Those perfect car rides, our weekend in the keys, and the
Moments when you’d hold me and whisper “I love you” as you’d comb through my hair.
But even in those lovely moments that it seemed as though I was never enough…
You had lips, which not only kissed, but yelled.
You had eyes that were not only beautiful and adoring, but hurt me with angry accusing stares
You had a body, which was not only strong and breath- taking, but pulled at me in desperation.
You had a mind, that not was not only used for the shoe game, but never understood me.
You had hands, that were not only used for holding, and cutting nachos, but fingers that shook at me when you were upset
And yes, it was in moments like these, I found new things I just could not forget.
Was I perfect? NO, I never was yet, I know you thought that’s how I viewed myself.
I didn’t always accept my faults, and for that I am sorry.
Still, I loved you and I felt the pain with every deleted photograph and each new one in its place.
While I didn’t always admit to being wrong,
I WILL NOT say that in making my final decision, I was guilty of making a wrong one.

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