July 27, 2011
Poorest Country,
Strongest Citizens,
Broken by earthquakes,
Strengthen by love.

Many died,
But many survived,
Still struggling,
Still hoping.

They wish for what we have,
and the saddest part?
Most of us take what we have for granted.

They pick up crumbs from the dirt,
We pick up toys from our rooms.
They choose between two outfits,
We choose between two stores.
They live in a nightmare,
While we live in a dream.

But Haiti taught us a valuable lesson,
One of love, hope, strength, and friendship.

Students, teachers,
Friends and family,
Earning money,
Earning smiles.

Building up love,
Building up a person,
Building up a community.

They post for their hope,
We hope for their escape.

Escape from this nightmare dream,
From their tragedy,
From their suffering,
From their poverty and doubt.

Doubt that they will never be helped,
Never be saved.
Doubt that their lives will never be the same,
And it won’t.

There will always be that memory,
That person,
That feeling.

This tragedy will never be forgotten,
and neither will the things we do for them.
So help them out.

A person once said to me:
“There are many ways to help someone,
By doing work for them,
Or giving them money,
But the best way,
Is to SMILE.”

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