Daddy's little girl

July 27, 2011
By sammiparker95 SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
sammiparker95 SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
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Love is just a word, but a word that rules the world<3

Daddy's little girl,
Isn't so little anymore.
She's a big girl now.

Daddy's little girl,
Is gonna be someone else's girl someday. 

Daddy's little girl,
Still likes to fish and play in the mud.

Daddy's little girl,
Also likes to get dressed up and go on dates.

She is growing up before your eyes.
Daddy wants her to be 9 again and think guys had cooties.

Daddy's little girl,
Has a life she wants to live,
To go on dates, to parties, to live her life.

Daddy just wants his little girl safe, but Daddy's  little girl is smart and knows how to stay safe.

Daddy's little girl,
Is a big girl now,
But she still loves her Daddy with all her heart. 

Daddy just needs to trust his Tom boy at heart, guys have cooties, little girl. 

Daddy's little girl,
Loves her Daddy.
And Daddy,
Loves his little girl

The author's comments:
My dad doesn't want to see his little girl grow up, but daddy you will be the first guy in my life I loved and will always love with all my heart

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