Sanctuary: A Dance with the Meadow

July 27, 2011
My little eyes scanned the meadow verdure that was taller than the coal curls developing on my scalp
and its brothers and sisters and mothers were so united to each other
that they multiplied into hundreds and thousands,
the green stretched for miles
and I raced the breeze that slid across the
families of weeds that lay in front of me.
they were soft-
so delicate.
They laced around each other,
as I mimicked
twist and sway
from the hill above.

The occasional humming bird came and sucked at the droplets
that lay on the tips of the leaves and I'd chase it away,

Do not bother the life here.

As the sky would open up and pour its sweet tears out
onto the meadow, I'd sprint through it
feeling the slosh and the brown soil

And I-
I was in harmony as a sister of the grass.

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