He deserves no title

June 11, 2011
By Ginipeters16 BRONZE, Ames, Iowa
Ginipeters16 BRONZE, Ames, Iowa
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He's a user, abuser, a mind-confuser.
A complete liar, he'll never retire.
A heartless devil, doesn't know much.
Full of promises and charm; his magic touch.

He knows where to kiss, what to say, where to feel.
His body and big green eyes, his only appeal.
Yet he draws you in, leaves you wanting more.
His poor girlfriend trapped behind a closed door.

He's what every girl wants, yet knows no respect.
Their trust and virginity he's able to collect.
His manhood: his pride, he lets them all know,
Once he's had a piece of you, he lets you go.

He calls you when he needs you, has his say.
He'll never change, don't wait for the day.
Thinks he's a man, merely a boy.
His only skill; play you like a toy.

He's a user, abuser, a mind confuser.
Oh! and one more rhyming word,
A complete LOSER.

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