June 10, 2011
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It happened so fast
and was completely unexpected.
He silently snuck up on me,
out of nowhere and undetected.
It only took one smack of his lips
to sweep me off my feet.
I had the opportunity to cry out for help
but weakened and dizzy, I admitted defeat.

He left me so breathless
my consciousness couldn’t be kept under control.
It was then I realized I was a victim
and sadly, had secretly yearned for this role.
I later awoke to my chest achy and pounding
and saw I was in a room all too familiar;
Cracked walls enveloped in red paint and
no way for unwanted entries to occur.

Since he had brought me here,
he must have figured out my secret passage.
Yet, I was oblivious that past experiences
were what provided him with this type of knowledge.
Just then the lights were turned off
as he slid through my hidden trap door.
So many questions were racing through my mind that
I hadn’t noticed his duffle of tools on the floor.

First, he bounded my wrists and legs
with his quirky humor and future dreams.
Splintered up from trying to unknot them,
I gave up and became memorized by his scheme.
He pulled out his charm and compliments
and used them to blindfold me tight;
I didn’t get a single glimpse
of who he truly was that night.

When he was finished
using up all the tools that he had,
he crept out slowly and quietly
as if the damage he had done wasn’t that bad.
Several days passed by
without a single check up from him.
With more time to plan his future tortures,
my belief in escape became increasingly slim.

But when several weeks passed by
without a sign of return,
I felt my confidence
slowly see an upturn.
It took me a few days
to maneuver out of his ties.
But after those were removed,
the blindfold was easily taken off my eyes.

Now Officer,
that’s really all I can recall.
I don’t know why or where he ran to
but the likelihood of his return is small.
This is because even though there was no note,
his ransom is already paid in full.
With my body drained and mind blown,
I didn’t realize I had bestowed him my heart and soul.

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