There's darkness, then there's light

June 10, 2011
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It's always the same.
Nobody loves me, nobody wants to care
All i get is a look or maybe a stare
Nobody ever says hi or hello
They just pass me by, and laugh as they go
I never get invited to parties or celebrations
But why would i even want to go when there's so much cruelty and hatred
They like to make fun of me, to watch me go pale white
I'm hoping someday i might see that bright light
The light to stop all the insanity and madness
is there even a force strong enough to stop all the sadness
Thrill me
Kill me
It's all the same
I'll just go back the way that i came
Through the darkness, and then through the light
I now feel like i can climb any mountain, at any height
Times have changed, and i'm no longer their prey
I vow to fight back forever, starting today
Also, one more thing, don't try to mess with me, 'cus i'm here to stay.

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