Wish he was gone

June 10, 2011
Their he was the one who I thought would be the one to be
here for ever,
I looked up to see what his faced looked like just to look at
He was never here he was just my silly mind playing games
with me,
With each wish of him being here the more he seamed so
real to me,
When all he was my imagination and so now he would just
With everything he said the words still bounce around in my
So I just wish he would dissaper with each step away from
his image,
It just dissipates like the fog on the windy day and I guess
that's what I wanted,
But his words still bounce around in my head and heart
Why can't his words just disappear?
Even with him gone he still haunts my dreams
I wish with all my heart to move on.
So he can just dissaper!

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