Guilty Roses

June 10, 2011
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My roses are blue.

My violets don't exist.

Did I do something wrong?

It's not on my list.

Yet they all say I'm wrong.

That my roses don't belong.

The bad thing is

That I listen to them hiss.

I know what I should do.

And I am doing it wrong.

I really should comply

So where is my song?

Others are mad.

And I am too.

It's for my own benefit

Yet I decide not to do

The simplest little thing

Because it's a nuisance.

I have no compliance.

The charade has to end

But it continues on.

But I still have to fend

Off my mistakes

And change my way

Fore this path I'm taking

Will continue to set me off

The right path everyday.

So my roses are blue

And my violets don't exist.

There's nothing wrong with that.

But I need to raise up my fist.

What I feel is terrible of course.

So I need to have red roses.

And make a new force.

So that my path is more various

And it'll improve.

I'll stop being nefarious
And hopefully I'll sail smooth.

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