I am Underaged

July 28, 2011
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Adults say, 'kids won't understand',
and kick me out of conversations,
they'll laugh and I would just stare wondering what was funny,
because I am under aged.
My aunts and mother would not buy branded items for me,
they say I will only lose or break it,
and that I should wait till I get older,
because I am under aged.
Grown ups would go out and come home whenever they like,
while I have a 9 PM curfew,
they told me some bad guy will kidnap me,
because I am under aged.
My parents like me to stay at home all the time,
do they have any idea I was going to die of boredom?
I asked them and they said, “that's better than being kidnapped right?”
Again, I am under aged.
I ask people why I am always too young for everything,
and they tell me I should be enjoying my childhood when I still can,
they say I'm going to wish back all those times when I get old,
I want to tell them that I do enjoy my childhood,
its just that I want to try new stuff,
but I can't.
Because once again, I am underaged.

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