Cursed With Beauty

June 8, 2011
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The full moon awakens
Dressing the land with light
Which is lured onto the winding road
Which fades into the patch of flowers
Where there is one, superior flower
That shimmers in the alien light
That reveals her complicated colors
Of purple and white
And her single stemmed body
That has the leaves of a pansy
Yet, she attracts objects
Like a petunia attracts a hummingbird
The flower dances in the calm wind
Her petals are sprayed
With the mist of the ocean water
Only the noise of the low tide is heard

As the high tide is summoned,
The beach brings in an evil
The full moon is whiter than snow
The wind is calm no more
The moonlight is brighter than ever
The flower senses danger,
A harm that is moving the land
The land rumbles with the ocean
The waves rise to touch the sky
The wind blows rhythms of gusts
The sky is shrouded with mystery

The evil stirs
The moon flashes
The ground heaves
The ocean rises
The wind cools
The sky darkens
The flower turns
The head sees
The danger nears
The evil marches
The flower is
The evil’s target

The evil reflects anger and lust
It sees the flower
Oh! How beautiful she is
Yet they are angry
For her running from them
In fear of her life
She is a different species
Since she is a flower
While they are weeds
They are beasts
That have prophesized the world
Which many have ignored
The frogs leaping from the weeds’ mouths
They are false prophets in sheep’s clothing

The paparazzi arrives
Camera’s flashing
The trumpets blare
On the precious flower
Yet they fail to realize
The fate that everyone will have

The weeds are angered
They strangle her
They are green spiky beasts
They make a sound
So unbearable to the ears
They hack up mucus
And cough with the wind
The flower is harassed
Since she was never modest
Instead revealing
Letting the weeds stalk her
Since she is cursed with beauty
This is the price she pays

They sing lyrics
Which represent themselves

“Ego sum a runco
Secundum flor
Ego sum a runco
Caedes flor

Estuans interius
Ira vehementi
Estuans interius
Ira vehementi

Sors immanis
Et inanis
Sors immanis
Et inanis”

Their words represent evil

As the trumpets blare,
The flower submits
To the will of the weeds
Who ferociously eat her
As the sun begins to rise

The tides calm
The gusts cease
The earth settles
The sky reddens
The sun scarlet
The stars disappear
The planet breathes

Nothing remains
Of the flower patch
Nothing remains
Of the evil that lurked
Nothing remains
But a red dawn
Nothing remains
Not even life

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