Who I am

July 25, 2011
I am lazy.
Just the thought of work pains me.
Sleeping in is my greatest hobby, along with procrastination and “chillaxin.”

I am stubborn.
I hate being wrong. I will try and TRY to find a way to make things work my way, even if I know they never will.

I am emotional.
I cry at everything, leave my heart on my sleeve, and get hurt continually.

But I am learning.
Learning that trusting EVERY SINGLE PERSON is probably not a good idea.
Learning that life is unfair.
Learning that there are some people in this world that just don’t like me.

And I am starting to understand.
That to truly be happy, you have to like yourself.

So, this is me.

A lazy, stubborn, emotional girl.

I have secrets, I have fears, I have…issues.
I am selfish, insecure, shy.

But this is ME!

Let me contradict myself. Let me flirt with a boy I like.
Let me write a poem about sex.

Let me be ME!

I’m sorry if this isn’t want you want.
You don’t have to accept it, but please respect it.

Respect my decision to wear a skirt on a cold day, listen to jazz music, and dance a little slutty at school dances.

Respect my choice to not let you in on every minute detail of my life.

Respect my unfailing loyalty to a boy that will never love me back.

Respect ME.

Because this who I am.

Take it or leave it.

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