July 25, 2011
By allycaroline21 PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
allycaroline21 PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
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It seemed as though our committing love would never demise. Each day, it became stronger and each day, I knew my future better than the last. Then your uncertain, regretful voice answered the phone, uttering those seven words, crushed me; crushed my existence, crushed my world. I cried and you cried, I begged and you denied. Moments passed and it was over. My future, my life, was over.

You arrived at my house, a box in hand filled to the brim with things of mine. You stayed your distance and spoke a soft 'hello.' My heart was breaking, my insides were left behind. The blood flowing throw my veins were like ice, chilling my bones and reducing my heart to freeze from the ache you caused. I was a stranger to you, I was a doubt buried in your heart. Those last minutes with you I will both cherish and cringe at remembrance.

And like a shadow you remain, following my every intention. Nothing I do is without your memory. Every contour of your face, each speck of color in your eyes linger in my thoughts. Time and time again, your words sear my skin to ash and I am left to fly away with the wind.

The author's comments:
This is inspired by my best friend's recent break-up.

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