June 14, 2011
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Hi there. ...God I'm annoyed. Right now. Right here. I am annoyed.
My brain in jumble in icy blue patches and hot red patches of whiplash and concussions with the rest of the mind numbing space time continuum.

Lord in heaven I'm annoyed!
I turned on the radio and here the song that's been played over upon over looped De loop around the stations
"Your lipstick staaaaains! On my front lobe of my left siDe braaains! I knew I wouldn't forge-"
I slam it off and slam my head and slam my ever changing body! I don't need Inxs worshipping haks to tell me I'm a soul sister

Memories annoy me.
A sweet sense of nostalgia creeps into every pore of my body
Clogging my sebaceous glands and pouring out til it reaches what part of my soul hasn't been numbed by confusion with infusions of allusions to somewhere else that was once apart of me.
Entering my eyes fillings them with tears and for no damn reason and nothing can stop this
altercation with no articulation.....and not even leaving me time for masturbation!

I'm annoyed my you who doesn't know what I'm talking about
I'm annoyed by me who doesn't know what I'm talking about!
A little girl with an unbalanced mind and a cry that means nothing and everything.
Nothing for the girls who have more to cry for that should be heard over a little Jewish suburban girl like me who at least has a bed
And everything because it's not enough!

I cringe at the thought that this small world can annoy me.
I cringe that I have nothing else to call it but annoyance.

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