the eyes of love

July 25, 2011
By , Chicago, IL
When I first meet you our eyes collided we click from the first moment it was like magical and there we knew we were mean to be even though things did not work as plan I still have hope that magical day will come. I remember that day like yesterday; remember that you have the most beautiful eyes, big and brown like brown cinnamon, gorgeous lips that speak to me without saying a word. That first day I felt in love with you and promise myself to continue on communication with you. Days when by, month when by and every time I saw you it was the best day ever. I remember when with exchange numbers after talking whenever you got a free time from your wife, which seems she was obsessed with you. Or probably she notice that I was looking too much at you but what she did not know was that you were paying attention to me. Hey, I still have that picture that my sister-in-law took us secretly on that party; we look so good together like it was mean to be. your eyes, the smiles, the faces you made I still remember everything, I still hear you calling my name, or talking to me through the phone, your laugh, the gifts, the birthday presents, that day that I almost fall on new year’s eve and you caught me on your arm, I still remember everything and it made me want to cry because till this day I still have hope, I am still waiting for you, I still go to your Facebookok looking through your new picture and reading everything you write on your wall. It hurts when I see you on those picture kissing your wife when you used to say that you don’t love her, that you want to be with me, that you don’t like sharing space with her. But yea at the end you still with her. Silly me right? That believes everything you said, everything you promised me, why did you do this to me? Why tread me nice, why did you let go? We exchange secrets and were becoming so close, talking every morning and sometimes waiting for your wife to go to sleep to call me at night, hating when she look at me when I dressed up, getting jealous with everyone cause of me, I fell so in love, so secure with you. I knew you got a wife but I knew I love you and at the moment that was all I care for. Maybe I am crazy or maybe fall too fast for you but you promised, you promise to be with me, to protect me and to keep my secrets with you. You promised you wouldn’t let anyone hurt me. I miss you, it hurts. it is been month without seeing your face, sometimes I hate you but I will always love you. Maybe I been wrong and with are not mean to be but just remember you were my first love and will always be. I hate you but it is impossible to not love you. I still look at you with the eyes of love after all your done to me. Why?

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