July 25, 2011
''I love you." he told her with a reassuring tone in his voice. ''Trust 'me'. Nobody else knows the way I feel for you. The way you feel for me." and for once, she believed him. Never before had she trusted anybody else, had she cared for anybody else.
 "Okay." she said hesitantly. "But I need proof." There was a pause that seemed to last forever. "How?" he asked.
 "I...I don't know. You just have to give me proof before I can believe you. You of all people should understand that." she was shocked that she said that. He could easily hurt her. Emotionally and physically.
 Again there was another long pause. "The next time I see you I'll prove it." he promised. "Do you need proof of that too?" he said sarcastically.
 Once again it was silent. And with great hesitancy yet great bravely she muttered out of her mouth, "Yes."
 He didn't say anything. The awkward silence filled the air again as he sighed. "I'm sorry." he finally said. And with one last long pause, she hung up the phone.

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cavingupwards said...
Aug. 3, 2011 at 9:14 am
I'm very sorry. I don't know why it's doing that strange " & quot ; " thing. So sorry for the inconvenience=(
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