To Be Set Free

July 25, 2011
By lina_tragni BRONZE, Pleasanton, California
lina_tragni BRONZE, Pleasanton, California
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I see the sunrise
The sky is black and gloomy
Barely the light slips through the dark
Another tough day

Almost two years here
I think, it sounds right…
I’ve lost track of the days
Almost sleepless in this death camp

I catch a glimpse of the leaves
They are changing, but it’s cold
Must be around November
The weather is harsh but different

I dream when I can,
Of back home, family and friends
The warm summers and cool winters
Nothing like the surroundings here
Cold all the time and foggy

Now it’s getting brighter
I see a little more sun from my cell
The cell that imprisons me

My life comes to an end
An end where I’ll see friends again
Friends I miss so dear
Friends in America not here

I hope someday to be set free
Set free to roam and see
To see the things that I have missed
My family who I dearly miss
My mother and father who I shall kiss
The day that I am set free

I will be set free
Not to the world but to the lord I do not see
I do not see why they do this
They make us hurt while we miss
Miss the ones whom are still at home
Praise the lord, the Jews

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this poem when in my english class we read The Diary Of Anne Frank, and were learning about the Holocaust.

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