Beauty's Mystery

June 10, 2011
Oh, Kamala.
How few words I have to express your beauty…

You’re elegant like a blossomed flower,

Fierce like a dragon’s roar,

But quiet like the night sky.

Your lips glisten like a diamond stone,

But are as soft as the passing clouds.
They are plump like ripened lemons,
But are as sweet as wild cherries.
They are the apples of my eye.

Your hair flows endlessly
As the blood in my veins,
And shine like the gold in our pockets.
Your hair feels like silky strands of the priciest string
Great enough to withstand bad times.

Your skin is as clear as desolate land,
And are as tan as the soil beneath our feet.
Smooth as the summer wind.
Untouchable like the furthest star.
Your body is an endless pane of beauty.

Your eyes sparkle like a candle’s flame,
But are as dark as an unlit room.
They are a maze you would enjoy getting lost in.
But are as simple as two circles.
They are the doorways into your heart.

You walk with confidence
Like no one can get in your way,
But you take small steps
Like you have all day.
Your movements are a masterpiece.

I have tried to express your beauty,
But I must say I have failed.
For I have not yet experienced
This beauty you portray.
For in the end it’s an illusion,
And illusions must fade…

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