Hello and Goodbye

June 9, 2011
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Hello and Goodbye
Here we go
The time is near
My dear Pocahontas
For your test to begin
and your practice to end
For you to walk down that path
And only look back
Remembering those who have only done good
And bad
But don’t hesitate to fall
To hurt
To trust
To fight
For this is your time
Make it gleam with pride

You’re not leaving
No, I know
For if you were leaving
I could not guarantee a hello
I could not promise
That you would grace me with your presence once more
But since you
My dear Pocahontas
Share the blood that fills our veins
Stolen the dolls and jewels claimed mine
I know that fate
Will never let us separate

Get ready
For this is only the beginning
When you believe you are lost
Or alone
My dear Pocahontas
In this mighty world of ours
You are truly not
For I
Will be there right beside you
Whether in mind or in memory
I will have never gone

So take those chances
Make a risk or two
Buy that Ugly Sweater
Taste a food or two
Climb to the top of Mount Everest
Start a riot
Begin a revolution
Whatever it is
Do it
For time is ticking
And that clock in your chest
Is not a continuous beat that will keep clicking

Hello to tomorrow
Goodbye to today
But never say farewell
To any that scream your name
My dear Pocahontas
Your test has started
So here we go
On my count

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