Forever on my Mind, Always in my Heart

July 24, 2011
By HannahT SILVER, Medford, New Jersey
HannahT SILVER, Medford, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
Writing is a struggle against silence. ~Carlos Fuentes

Run to your dictionary.
File through its pages in hopes to decode my words.
Give our love a definition, a name.

Label Us as a painter claims his work or as a smitten winner steps forth to claim a prize.
You once stepped forth to claim yours.
You had won me over truth be told.
And to this very day it remains true.

But all your time wasted.
And long after you declare an end, still continuing to search for answers.
So sure the answers ever were.

You helped me break the chains that bound me to the shame of showing my face to the world.
Now I stand strong, but I stand alone.

If only you could hear me.
Focus on Me, not the words that spill from my mouth.

Watch carefully my every move.
How I still bite my lip whenever you’re near and laugh at your every word.
Look into my eyes and try to see the man I love that stand before.
Listen to what’s in my heart that you know I’m holding back.

With each tear I let fall to the ground along go the should’ve beens and could’ve beens.

So place your dictionary back on its shelf.
And don’t just read my lips with your eyes…
Make it an equal and use your own.
Run your fingers through my hair and try to understand that we don’t need a name.
Love speaks loud enough.

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