July 24, 2011
I was lost in the darkness.
Then God sent me someone to bring me happiness.
The way he makes me smile,
Or the way he makes me giggle.
When its time to hang up, I wish we could stay another while.
He came into my life in my darkest hour.
I had gave up on love, and felt so down,
he treats me as delicate as a flower.
when I talk to him I can never frown.
I had gave up on life, No longer knew how to cope.
But then I regained hope.
Even though we're friends, I really like him.
The darkness brings us closer.
I'm glad I found someone so sweet and dear.
I love his laugh and the way he talks.
And when he says "I love You" I know that hes sincere.
I love my Babyface/Teddybear Doofy

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