She's fake (get over it)

July 24, 2011
When you left me for her, I thought that no one could cure that broken heart of mine. I thought you were so great, but you just used me as bait,to get all the high heel wearing,short skirt uncaring wannabee superstar,prom queen. You never really cared. I know that now, im feeling better,Cuz i know. When im puttin on mascara she's putin on eyelashes, I eat pizza, she dosnet eat carbs! Now i got a boy of my own and boy doesn't it feel good. I didnt think the day would come,when someone called me number 1.
You saw us holding hands in the hall, your face fell and you almost started to bawl. The very next day you threw her away and begged to have me back, you said you made a mistake. I told you. I have a boyfriend, get over it like i got over you. I got you were you had me,now your the one who is loneyly. So hear my words read my lips. Just get over it.

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