July 22, 2011
By InspirationStrikes BRONZE, Hesperia, California
InspirationStrikes BRONZE, Hesperia, California
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i sit here with a glass heart and a fake smile. there is no one that knows. no one knows im sad not even me. i tell myself im happy but yet i have no feelings. i dont care and i dont know why i just sit and stare into myself for somethig but i am hollow my spirit, myself has gone and left only pictures and faces so i can hide in this body and pretend i am me tell people my name and they do believe but only those who know me know the truth that of which was me is no more so sit in this shel molding into a person not like its last owner but i am new and will live but i must let go and become a new for i no long fit in where i belong but must seek and find a new spot for my heart to lay so it will not shatter as it has so many times before eachtime the littler the peices the longer it takes to put back together never really the same as the last

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