Music of love

July 22, 2011
By Katie Decker BRONZE, Hartley, Iowa
Katie Decker BRONZE, Hartley, Iowa
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When I hear the delightful tones, melodies, harmonies and rhythms of your music my ears perk up. They enjoy to hear the sound of your voice and music. Any music will not do to satisfy my ears, it must be yours. No pop, classical, country, rock, jazz, gospel or rap, only yours.

Your beautiful lyrics along with your beautiful music written for me makes my heart melt in to a puddle of pink, it could make it shatter in to a million pieces on the floor or it can make come back to life and dance.

Your music is pretty and light or dark and heavy. Either way it is beautiful. It makes me feel better when I am down or feel beautiful when I am not. It can make our hearts come together as one.

Your music is a language that only you and I know. It is our language for our love, anger, pain, sadness and fun. I believe your music can heal me. I am yours forever because I love you and your music.

The author's comments:
I love to watch movies and read books about love and romances. This poem was my own kind of love story.

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