Audrey Said

July 22, 2011
By Ichigoi9 BRONZE, Thomasville, North Carolina
Ichigoi9 BRONZE, Thomasville, North Carolina
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Audrey said she was full as she stared at her plate
She only had a few bites but Audrey said it's okay
But in her mind she cried because she's starving but hey
Audrey said it herself “It's gonna be okay”

She's only 15 years old and she weighs 80 lbs
Audrey said she feels a whole lot better now
She had everything (friends, beauty, and fame)
Audrey said she feels fat and wants to lose weight

Nobody figured her out because she found a good trick
Audrey said that she'll wear clothing that's thick
Everyone in the world told her hurtful things
They said no man would love her because she looked like a freak

One day she went to the park to hang out with her friends
She chased them around and was soon out of breath
She stopped in her tracks and started breathing hard
She collapsed and her boyfriend ran her to his car

She woke up later at Saint John Hospital
Everyone crowded around asking if she's okay
Audrey said she's fine and wants to go home
They all refused and said not until you're well enough

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