Flying Time

July 22, 2011
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You know the saying, “time flies when your having fun”, well, it's not true. Time flies if your miserably depressed, heartbroken, enraged or joyous. It may seem to stop for a few glorious seconds or minutes of pain or happiness but really it is flying by as fast as ever.

Time is a curious thing. It seems to flow quickly and seamlessly in some places or times in life and in other its seems to blur by only capturing glimpses of feelings or memories.

When I think of time I thing of growing older. I think of the past that flew by so quickly and effortlessly at times. I think of how just three short years ago my friends and I were just the babies of the big bad place called high school. Now in just a few short months we will all be leaving this places that I and many other have grown to love. For many, high school is like a second home. It is a love-hate relationship.

When I am thinking of I, I think of the future also. I think of how I will soon be leaving home to go to the enormous real world of college like many of my friends and fellow classmates. Time will surely make us grow and mature quickly.

Some day time will hopefully allow me to slow down and settle down. Maybe I will marry a nice man or maybe I will venture deep into a great career and it may take me many places, but only time knows what time holds.

Some people grow to resent time and how quickly it moves. Everyone does at some point in life. I will resent time sometime in my lifetime. Hopefully I will have an ample amount of time in that to grow fond of time and where it takes me. Maybe one day we can all become good acquaintances with time.

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