Walk Away

July 22, 2011
By mary0818 BRONZE, Hookstown, Pennsylvania
mary0818 BRONZE, Hookstown, Pennsylvania
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She's watching him walk away
She's wishing she could play photographer
Give him the pictures, to make him miss her.
She's squinting in to the dark
She's watching him walk away.

He's thinking he made a mistake
He's attempting to turn around
Show her he cares, to help her stay there.
He's sabotaging her future
He's hoping her crumpled heart will awaken
He's thinking he made a mistake.

She's seeing his discreet flaws
She's crying through swollen eyes
Tell him she loves him, but can't let him win.
She's seeing his delinquency
She's realizing she fell for a concept
She's seeing his discreet flaws.

He's thinking her silence means she left
He's taking a chance
Turns around, to her he's bound.
He's not seeing her waiting
He's turning back around again
He's thinking her silence means she left.

She's seeing him disappear slowly
She's losing him in person and inside
Sullenly sobbing, to hope he's listening.
She's looking for words
She's willing him back
She's seeing him disappear slowly.

He's unmistakably hurt
He's regretting the choice he made
Miss her smile, hope she stays a while
He's letting her slip away
He's making himself a fugitive
Hes unmistakably hurt.

She's watching him walk away
She's thinking it will be alright
tries her best to lay this to rest.
She's feeling inept to handle this
She's wanting him by her side
She's watching him walk away.

He's running back to her
He's running in his mind
Walks farther away, knowing he wants to stay.
He's questioning whether he should
He's hoping she comes to him
He's running back to her.

She's seeing a shadow looming
She's thinking about what to say
He comes, looks for her love.
She's telling him he's worth the pain
She's believing every word he says
She's seeing a shadow looming.

He's walking towards her now
He's expecting to see her lonely face
Sees her head held high, should've known she wouldn't cry.
He's telling her he's sorry
He's hoping she'll forgive him
He's walking towards her now.

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