My Turn To Win

July 8, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
Today you’re the winner,
Tomorrow you will be too,
One day though,
I’ll triumph over you and your hatred,
You keep trying to bring me down further,
But I’ve already hit my lowest point,
You can’t bury me anymore,
The only place to go from here is up,
And that’s my plan.
I’m going to fly so high,
You won’t be able to touch me,
I’ll win one day,
Instead of our daily routine,
I’ll knock you down.
That’s a change I cannot wait to see.
So keep on bragging,
Keep thinking you’ll always be victorious,
It will only make my success sweeter.
So I’ll let you win today,
And the next day.
It doesn’t matter,
Because one day I’ll win.

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