Mirrors and Windows

July 8, 2011
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I once read that all we are is more than we see
But less that what they see
We build a window
One built out of dreams and expectations
Covered with an outer shell and a falseness
Of what we want them to see

We pretend we are tough
When we are weak
They assume we are deep
Because we have ideals
Instead we are fragile and easily broken
With a spat of words
Or built again with a day of silence

The glass of a window
Is as narrow as your mind
The frame as thin and fake as the lies we tell
To keep up an endless facade

You and I were born with a mirror
Too cloudy at first
The only cure is to mature
Or to discover
Why we are here and who we can be

At first, the mirror merely shows your flaws
But chip it away with your thoughts
And what do you find?
But a reflection of you

With a swing of a bat
And kick of a sole
The window becomes a mirror
Now you see and show
The real you

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