Hit By a Train

July 8, 2011
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it went from i like too i love you and now i hate you,
i dont ever wanna see you anymore dont ever show your face around here anymore,
cuz you aint welcome just go back home,
ya back to where you belong your like a Vampire you feed off of me so you can stay strong
tell me what is it that i did wrong?
how could you decieve me and leave me this is what Once was baby please believe me!
listen here i just wanna make things clear i never cared im just going around rippin hairs ripping theres
people lookin at me with stares, ima mess but you've been hit with a hurricane because your insane clearly your in pain
hate is what i got running through every vein here i go switching lanes
if what you did to me didn't hit you hard enough then go get hit by a train
Slap that on your heart and remember my name cause yours is in mine but olny in vain.

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