The Five Senses of Beauty

July 24, 2011
By nancygee BRONZE, Forest Hills, New York
nancygee BRONZE, Forest Hills, New York
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I stop to feel the sudden breeze
To feel the sand melt against my bare feet
The shells piercing so dully that the pain is almost comforting
To feel the heat of the sun burning against my skin
Inhale the salty air
It makes my throat dry but that’s only natural, only human
The waves are crashing in, they almost reach my feet
The water looks to be so close, but feels so distant
My heart’s beating quickly, I know this feeling
I’m positive that any moment now my knees will give way and I will collapse just so that I can give myself the excuse not to go on
But this isn’t the end, not for me
I take one last breath, one last look,
And I move on
Such beauty can only be admired from a distance.

The author's comments:
There have been times when I've seen or felt something so beautiful that I feel as if I can't match up and by interfering all I will manage to do is tarnish it. This has happened to me with a person, as well as with an atmosphere. In the poem,I'm describing the intensity of something so beautiful, that all I want to do is indulge in it. The problem is that with that indulgence, I will inevitably lose myself. So all I can do is admire it and move on.

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