Pretty girls and ugly mirrors

July 23, 2011
By SarahWaters SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
SarahWaters SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I’m surrounded by beauty
And I’ve never liked it.
Starving, photoshopped goddesses,
I can handle that.
I say the talent lies with the makeup artist.
I’m surrounded by real-life natural beauties.
A dilemma I cannot excuse.
I’ve always wanted to be One of Those Girls.
PrettyHappySmiley girls

She’s pretty.

I’m not.

I’m surrounded by scales and boys,
Both can and do indicate how I look today.
I’m surrounded by cute jeans, cute skirts-
But were they always this tight?
I’m surrounded by uglier girls,
And that makes me feel good for a moment.

She’s ugly.
I’m not.

Of course I realize
that although my confidence is buried
six feet under,

This is simply shallow.

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