Her Life in Black in White

July 23, 2011
Like a camera from way back when,
She sees her life with no color,
No optimism or emotion,
Only pessimism and negativity.

The intense words she shouts,
Are only in her mind,
Her eyes aren’t capable of viewing,
The real world for how it is.

She bottles up so much pain,
And never lets it out,
Like the smile she never flashed,
The mind of her is unknown.

Her lips can’t comprehend,
The words “I love You”,
And she has no heart to love with,
So she never finds her match.

She wonders around the earth,
Not knowing the difference between night and day,
She goes to sleep to find herself,
Awoken without an ounce of a dream.

She lives her life with no regret or remorse
She doesn’t know how many feel the way she does,
But she locks herself up so securely,
No one can show her the rainbow.

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thefamoustapper said...
Jul. 30, 2011 at 8:46 pm
I really like it! But still, i was thinking if in the phrase "she wonders around the earth," is it supposed to be wanders? either way it works! Keep writing!
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