My tree line

July 23, 2011
Starting as a small sapling,
Then growing over 20 feet tall,
With a strong sturdy trunk to hold me up,
While a large vines wrap me in support and love.

Each branch shows who i am,
These branches show my friendships, family and past,
I have lost many branch to lightning strikes of love loss,
Hail storms of hate, or old wasted ways of life.

While each leaf shows an emotion,

Whether it be white blossoms in the spring for peacefulness,
Green leaves in the summer for warm happiness,
Fall brings mahogany reds, sun kissed yellows, and rusty oranges for rage, panic, and fear,
Soon winter is here, my branches go bare with no emotion.

Birds and animals are like people always coming and going,
The wind is my mind always swirling,
The sun is my soul always shining,
The rain is my heart always bringing me to life.

I know someday,
My trunk will give way,
But there will be a memory of me still here,
A massive round stump that is the part of me that will never disappear.

The start of my life,
With its many twists and turns that will forever show,
The many rings that round on top,
There is my life...Long lived and will never stop.

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