Peace, Love, Faith

July 23, 2011
By MoonShoesPotter BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
MoonShoesPotter BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Spread peace,
Spread love,
Have faith,
Have faith in what?
In a society that is oppressed?
In a nation that is depressed?
In an inhuman world,
Full of lies,
On top of lies,
Building up,
To burn this city down,
But it’s all water under the bridge,
Right, Right?
It’s all just a way to make you feel okay,
To make you live another day,
So live free,
I dare you,
I beg you,
Follow your heart,
Have some faith,
This city will make it better,
This nation will make you stronger,
This inhuman world will break you,
Or at least it will try,
Try to tear you down,
Bit by bit,
But don’t you weep,
It will only succeed.

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