My Kiss

July 23, 2011
"Do you want me to kiss you?" he says in that voice I know oh so well. "Maybe" I say in a nervous way. "Yes or no?" He says with a smile. "Maybe is what I said......I like maybe" I say as I smile back. "Do you want me to decide for you?" he says gazing into my eyes. "Sure" I say as he leans down towards my lips. He lays a soft small kiss upon my lips. He stops....looks at me and smiles. He then leans back down to give me a longer kiss. He wraps his arms around my body and my hands cuff his face. He lays one last gentle kiss upon my lips. "Look at me hands....I'm shaking" I say. "Your heart is racing" he says as he lays his head upon me. "I could stare into your eyes all night" he says gazing at me. He kisses me again....he sends a chill down my spine. Resisting him is something I could never do. He holds me in his arms and I hold him in mine. We finally release each other and begin to walk. He flings me back and gives me one more kiss. He then whispers "I love you" and I whisper it back. As we depart I continue to think about his kiss, his touch.... and the love we share.

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