Why Do We All Fall In Love With The Wrong Person?

July 23, 2011
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Why do we always fall in love with the wrong person?
Why is it never the right one?
How is it that they can always trick us?
And why do we always fall for the lust?

How is it that they always know what to say?
Can anyone tell me?
How do they know how we play?
And we continue to fall for them...and we can no longer get free

The wrong person is always clever
And the right person...can't reach us never
But then...the wrong person can prove themselves to be the right person...depending on what they say
As well as on how they act...and if they can prove themselves worthy of you if they may

So sometimes the wrong person is actually the right person
And the two of you show the same love and affection
And they show how they feel and give you a reason
To love them truly and show them passion

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