'Till The Dawn Rolls In

June 7, 2011
By MsSarcasmo GOLD, Milo, Maine
MsSarcasmo GOLD, Milo, Maine
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‘Till the dawn rolls in, I’ll be loving you. But when the first morning dove cries as the sun sets fire to top branches of birch trees, I’ll realize how you’ve lit me up like a fire cracker on the fourth of July, cackling bright for seconds ‘till the cold air consumes it’s white light. I’ll look back at the days when we first met and realize the ignorance I had, not a thought of how important you would someday be. Feelings of regret never cross my path as memories replay with an ounce of false hope, never a look of destruction within your eyes, knowingly. I’m withering as the cold air consumes my bright light, no longer illuminating rooms which I enter, rather, fading spirits of which look for light of their own. I won’t forget how you’ve weakened my energy, breaths shallow as I cling to this “life”, if that’s what this is. Sadly, I hope you are captivated by the life I know you’re throwing to the uttermost of ungrateful minds, in time they will forget you, but I promise, you will be remembered by one, as I remember how you crushed this shining light, unknowingly, nonchalantly, swiftly, as you thought you were spiraling to happiness.

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