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June 7, 2011
By jillyslomba GOLD, New York
jillyslomba GOLD, New York
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Willow trees drape far and long,
Pressuring over the moist yard
Caged around, for the support and safety
But what does life do for us?
Does it willow over,
Provide that mystic shadow,
Make a substantial effort behalf of our lonesome?
Should we always accept the given,
The given shade, protection from water
That drips from above
Do we acknowledge the hiding spot or the dusty hole?
Built in power for that helpless critter.
Are we that helpless critter?
Is it that we depend on too much,
Maybe more than that willow’s roots
Stretch out
Is it a comforting hug like one
Shall get for remorse,
Is it a guide, a map wrinkled out each highway leading to
A less traveled path?
Will that willow survive a new season,
Past the tundra of white sugary dust,
Falling gracefully, but does such harm at times.
Can we grow strength to defeat the elder,
But look forward to the new.
Can we accept what’s new?
Why is there plenty of willow trees
Out in this world, that most glace a look,
Does it related to our chances we take,
Or should take, if you let one coast by they become
Unnoticed like those simple trees.
Do we want a chance to be unnoticed? Or noticed?
Standing forceful, broad not tilt, don’t let yourself
Become distracted and far away
For which the secret be told that you, yourself
Will not be that willow tree for that.
Can we all do something for our self?
We have to tame our life as part of a willow,
A protective, secure, and dependable aspect.
We are one in this world, and this willow is too.
Opportunities traverse as the clouds soar along,
We’ll feel alive for the very first time,
Just like that simple willow tree.

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