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June 7, 2011
By jillyslomba GOLD, New York
jillyslomba GOLD, New York
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I think you’re clueless sometimes because of how you act
You move a certain way that makes me step back
Your eyes roll around, I know when your mad
Don’t stare like that, it always turns out bad.

I can’t stand you sometimes because of what you say
You talk stupidity every single day
Empty and dry can only explain
how you handle your useless and lifeless brain
I try to ignore you sometimes because I don’t want you around
You make me feel terrible;
you push me when I’m down
I need plato to plug up me ears,
and a soft towel for when I lose my tears.

I hate who you are sometimes because change took me away fast
You only cared for yourself, but said everything would last
I never intentionally tried listening to you
But the pressure was irresistible to go through
But then I think how you make each great day go by
I actually enjoy all those familiar lies
As long as you pretend to appreciate
Then I’ll never feel any hate.

I don’t see how I could let you go
You’re the one who rocks the show
I’m nothing with out you can’t you see?
Can you just accept me for me?
For those out there who are in a struggle,
Know what’s right for you, don’t juggle
Stand up for yourself
Be who you are
Don’t sink down for anyone
‘cause then you’ll go far.

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