June 7, 2011
By jillyslomba GOLD, New York
jillyslomba GOLD, New York
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The winter snuggles and shares for those who want it here,
The snow glares and laughs when you don’t want it near.
But each flake tosses softly, it shines right there,
When I melts, I melt, unreasonably bare.
But what you do not know, is I love it so,
The wind will blow, but I adore the winter snow.
The direction the clouds guide each little white,
Give a nip, a strong December bite.
You go hard at day, to build and bust every igloo,
Relieved, I have a fire place to warm up to.
Mother has soup made, a mouth drooling shot,
Hot cocoa on the side, four cups is a lot.
These skyscraper long pines can only take your breath away,
Glitter piles up thick like a Kindergarten day.
Rugged tracks imprint from the snowmobile I ride,
Brave hard predators sneak, leaving marks of each stride.
For you to not stop and steal a look toward this,
The gorgeous scene you’ll eventually miss.
Nature surprises life, and everything it goes through,
I felt this by glaring at my snow globe, what comes to you?

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