Life or Death

July 27, 2011
There's really no point for me to be here!
I only make things worse 4 you and not only you but everyone else too!
I know that everyone I know and Love will Miss me.
But I don't feel the life or how good or amazing life can be.
I only feel darkness taking over my body everything is getting so cold.
So cold that it is not even cold it's Freezing.
So Freezing that when you touch you'll freeze to.
And then we can be together for all eternity, and ever more.
But i just can't have all my friends die with me.
I cant just just have the Guy I love die with me if I die I want him to have a Strong healthy Life, Without me.
I want you to be happy and go on with your life with some girl as we would have done.
Be Happy.
Don't cry please.
I want you to go on and live the way that you would have, Would have if you never met me like if we never dated.
Now please, please don't cry i will always be here with you not physically but mentally and emotionally with you through the dark times and the light.
I will always be there for you but i will also be with God... God himself.
God and I will make sure that you live your life to the fullest more than you thought you were gonna ever live for.
We will protect you from any danger and harm and anything or anyone that could hurt you.
And like I said live your life like you would've if I was still gonna be with you.
No Please,
Don't forget about me.
It's getting so lonely and quiet what's gonna on?
I can't hear you.
I can't see you,
your fading away.
Don't Go!

Dark is going light,
As you are fading out of sight,
Baby, baby please don't fight,
It will all work out ight?
Day is turning to night.

I am gone
In a flash
Now we can never
Be together

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