My Heart & His

July 27, 2011
My Heart & His
My Friend & His
They told me about your surgery and the first thing that went through my mind was, What if he dies?
What if that does happen how depressed will I be?
How hard that will be.
I would sit in my room and not eat nor drink even sleep til I know he is still Breathing!
Til I know that he will be there to say I love you.
To say baby I miss You when we hang up the phone.
To be there at school to say how much he loves me.
To be there in my dreams.
To be there to help me with my Personal issues.
To be there to tell me not to go and beat some girl senseless.
To hold me close and say in yours.
To be there to wipe the tears off my face when i cry for my friends.
To be there with me when i hold my friends close while they cry to me and explain to me what happened.
To be there to kiss me and say everything will be okay.
To be there to hug me when i need one.
My Friend & His.
My Heart & His.

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