July 26, 2011
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Pure peace

But I continue to be smitten

And see

Failures in human beings

Incapable of living and capable of leaving

Their lives behinds for a cut wrist and a broken mind

In refusal to read the fine print

Letting ideas dust and turn into lint

As if




Happiness is a trial that’s mock able

Too difficult to have and too easy to be stoppable

When you have it

But death must be a joke

Just as a drug must be a habit


Pure peace

And you lack it

Treating love as if it’s tragic

Try and cope and become comatose

With alcohol or a slit throat

Cause there can’t be another way out

From this life I speak in shouts

But I must be on mute because I’m not quite loud


Just another coal in the rough

With the capability to become a diamond

But some just don’t grow up around kind men

Because we are creatures of our environment

Just try this time to give up your drug for lent

If you can

If I could

If anyone understood

The trials of tribulations of a hater being hated


Torched the loudness and found that I need no bong

Found out that this entire time I’ve just been completely wrong

To leave me alone

I’m sick of these expectations and this god damned throne

I can’t be perfect

I can’t cut off anger like blood with a tourniquet

The trials and tribulations of being alone

Thrown out, screaming “This isn’t my f***ing home”

To be gone for more than a year

And now it’s sickening to see people take solace in beer

Give up your addiction and confront your fear

Of being real

Because the possibility


Pure peace

But this anger is not so easily released

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