Night Owl

July 26, 2011
By allycaroline21 PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
allycaroline21 PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
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5 AM; the horrid buzzer sound disturbs my slumber.
Snooze button… Where’s the snooze button?!
This noise is rattling my brain. I lay in bed repressing the
thought of seeing the day’s new light. The silent darkness
of my room is my comforting friend and the loud brightness of
the outside world is my eternal enemy. My mom yells, “10 more minutes!”
Thanks for the warning, mother! As if I couldn’t read the clock, it’s
not like the numbers aren’t big, bright and completely noticeable.
“Five more minutes, hurry!” Maybe I could hurry if you’d shut up!

10 AM; my two hours of annoyed silence are finished. There are
people surrounding me. The voices of my friends piercing through the
buzzing hum of the combined chatter in the room. Slowly, very slowly,
I find myself friendlier and less irritable. The sleeping state vanishes
and I’m suddenly aware and in awe of the present.
Happy laughter and friendly jokes fill the atmosphere.

3 PM; I’m home. Staying still is found difficult.
I’m anxiously bored. What is there to do?
Reading and music can only hold so much of my attention.
Concentration is sporadic, making everything amusing.
Today’s early rise a fuzzy cloud in the back of my mind.
Day time is at its stand – still and the night time begins.
As everyone prepares for a good night’s sleep, I’m wide awake.

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