July 26, 2011
Now Has Anyone Ever Sat Down And Read A Poem About Punctuation?
If You Haven't...You Are Bout To Read One Now.....

I Start Off With Excitement!!!!
My Wonderful And Dear Exclamation point!
Or Mark,
I'll Go With Mark
You Figure Out That You Don't Have To Be The Most Built
Or The Sexiest To Keep My Emotions In A Frenzy of Adventure And Titillation.
Showing Strength In Every Word That Originates In Our Minds
But Vibrates The Larynx And Rushes Past The Trachea To Burst Out

And Not To Interrupt What Is Being Said, But To Bring Everything Together
O' Beautiful Comma,
You Pull Together What Shouldn't Be To Form The Perfect Sentence
Bringing Together Two Incomplete Parts And Making Them Belong Together
Giving needed Breaks So The Flow Of Every Word Stays Smooth
And Making Sure Nothing Goes Unnoticed.

Shout Out To The Lazy!!!!
You Are A Comma Rising To The Occasion To Give Yourself
A New Identity
Compressing Two Into One Without Letting Anything Lose Its Meaning
Also Giving Those Ghetto Names A Little Oomph...
So They Can Look Important...
You Also Give The Owner Right To What Is Theirs
I Mean What's Theirs....
You Made Sure Everyone knew That This Is...

The Most Annoying...
From The Ancient Greek Which Means "Falling Short"
You Always Leave Me Hanging....
With a Feeling Of Melancholy Longing
Making Me Wonder What Captivating Statement......
You Have To Say Next
Leaving Me On This Cliff.....
Waiting For Me To Dive Right Into A Sea Of Amazement
And Tantalizing Fantasies That i make Up
On My Own........

Wait What Did I Forget?
Oh Yea, The Eroteme!
No Question Mark...
I Have To Go With Question Mark.
Your Curve Jumping Out Of The Page In Awe.
Always Wanting To Know more Than The next Guy
And The Next Guy
Wanting Your mind To Expand
And Gain Infinite Knowledge To Straighten Out Those Curves
And Make A Pathway To Your Answers.
Making That Guy In The Interrogation Room Feel Just a Little Bit Bad About Himself
Making Him Secrete Bullets Of Sweat To Form Definite Words
So He Can Give You What You Were Seeking For
A Confession....

We Have An Identity Crisis!!!!!!
Semicolon, Who Are You??
Do You Really Know What You Want To Be??
You make Sure You Lay Down The Rule That
Opposites Attract..
You Bring Together The Negative And Positive
To Make...A Sentence...
I mean That's All I Can Say...
If You Don't Know Who You Are...
How Can I??

Last But not Least....
The Period..
You Cannot Write And Exclamation Mark,
Or Question Mark,
Or Ellipsis,
Or Semicolon
Without The Period.
You Give Definition...
You shout Out That The Statement Is Finished.
Interrupting Whatever Comes After That.
Because Your Presence Has Arrived.
Not Letting Any Other Word Slip On The Taste Buds
And Past Through The Stern Bone That We Call Teeth.
You Finalize It All....
Without Notice
For Example

This Poem is Done.

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