Glass Frogs

July 26, 2011
By lapisleaves DIAMOND, Durham, New Hampshire
lapisleaves DIAMOND, Durham, New Hampshire
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The glass frogs are dusty.
They sit, pale amphibians,
indifferent and glum.
Some are peachy,
others are dawn green.
Their pearly, sticky toes,
gummed with the frayed remnants of spiders
and the residue of the years,
glow, softly, stiffly, cold.
Today the light is rosy and the frogs
are orange. They appear as
molten globs, flexible and resiliant.
Instead they are cool to touch,
and dry.
People dislike the frogs.
Their big eyes are empty and stare
with a blank steadiness that creeps
uncomfortably into your attention.
And of course, all they do is sit,
a silent, inanimate representation
of your peeves.

The author's comments:
Writ during my physical science class, I was irritated. I feel this setting is similar to that in, 'Carry the fruit aloft, for if they fall, so you shall descend'. The frogs represent your peeves, and that detestable itch of something bothering you that you cannot name. They are strange and uncomfortably so.

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