Ode to Jay

July 26, 2011
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So much potential I see in him.
His freshly cut hair and his dark brown eyes.
So many things that I can see for him.
Filled with hope,
So much hope,
So I hope they’re not lies.
Everything I ever want for him.
Knowing society might just ignore him.
What’s to come,
What’s to come,
Someone tell me for once.
Ever since I opened my eyes
To the worlds outside,
I've been scared for him.
Yeah, see. I want to be there for him.
Seven years I’d been alive,
He was brought into our lives,
Bound by family ties.
Those years since it’s began,
(I hope it never ends)
Tell him time and time again,
He’s my number one man.
Six years he’s been alive, happy birthday once again.
You see in my eyes there is no divide
In between a king and a queen,
You see in my eyes there is no line,
Showing the limit of what you could be.
Before you go on doing what I know you can do,
Remember that I've always believed…

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